Neville “Torry “Torrisheba  is a proud Papua New Guinean born , descendant of the Djaberra djaberra  tribe of Broome ,Western Australia and  Mer Island , Torres Straits and Hula clan ,Papua New Guinea

Torry is a  fifth  year practising visual artist experienced in multiform and multi medium art .His artwork is authentic , original and very versatile  from sculpture , weaving ,ceramics,  printmaking and painting not only in acrylics  but using traditional ochers. Torry is focused and has found passion creating  greater cultural awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island culture to the wider community and the environment,”Caring for Country ”  . He creates his artwork ,sculptures  from memories ,knowledge,tradition  and culture passed down from his

Elders of family, and local community of  his Aboriginal , Papua New Guinean,Torres Strait and pacific Islander Ancestry. Torry has worked tirelessly with disengaged  for the past four years working on youth mentoring and cultural connections programs redirecting  youth through nature walks and canoeing .He has given  youth a strong sense of pride , confidence ,self achievement  ,identity and community belonging .

Artist statement

An audience gathers around attentive to an artwork  that I have painstakingly and lovingly created ,in that very moment of time and space  there is no prejudice ,no discrimination the audience are oblivious to race ,gender,religion or persuasion, I have created peace and harmony  and united the audience as one community .

I believe it is my role as a visual artist to share stories , knowledge and culture .Some of my artworks are unwritten chronicles of my family and  Australia’s colonial repugnant history .I strive for my artwork to be  authentic and original .My connection to the sea and land stems from living on the ocean, and growing up on ” country” . The colors of the reddest earth and bluest ocean is instilled in my veins, a connection that is my  life blood and identity .

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